Canopy Experience Day 29th July - Get Involved! - Sylvana Alta
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Canopy Experience Day 29th July – Get Involved!

Tree Climbing Training - exploring some of the UKs great trees

Canopy Experience Day 29th July – Get Involved!

29th July 2017   Yarner Woods. Dartmoor. Devon.

Sylvana Alta and Crest have come together to provide an exciting new one-day tree canopy experience.  The site at Yarner Wood is a conservation area managed by Natural England and is located in Dartmoor National Park. This is an ideal place to ‘get up close and personal’ with the treetops! No previous experience is required, but participants need to be relatively fit as it involved climbing into the trees to carry out a range of tasks.

Your day at Yarner Wood:

After a brief introduction and safety talk, we will head to a site where trees have been rigged ready to use. You will be introduced to your climbing equipment, and then a team of professional and experienced climbers will guide you up into the tree canopy. Once everyone is comfortable with the climbing techniques all participants will have the opportunity to use them to move around the tree tops and participate in a number of tasks.

If your interests lie in woodland ecology, you can learn about setting up monitoring equipment and sampling methods in the canopy. Or you may be a photographer and prefer to use your time getting some images as you’ve never done before! (please supply your own camera in this case).  You may find this an inspiring place for artistic drawing, poetry, writing or perhaps just the experience in itself.  Let us know when you book up what your primary interest is and we will help you to achieve it in this most unusual setting.

Come prepared:

Participants should have sturdy footwear, and suitable (rough) clothing for a full day out and about – wet weather gear is advisable – just in case! Bring a packed lunch and plenty to drink. A camera and binoculars are well worth bringing for all participants. You will be provided with a notebook and all materials that you will need to complete the course.Further Information about the Canopy Experience Day​.