Canopy Research - Working at Height in Forests
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Forests provide some of the highest levels of biodiversity on the planet offering huge potential for research and exploration.

Access to the canopy has always proved an obstacle and over the past 5 decades kept scientists and explorers occupied in trying to find most efficient, cost effective and scientifically compatible method possible.

Climbing is an affordable, mobile and low impact method to gain access to the forest canopy.  Advancements in equipment and technical knowledge over the past 50 years have opened up opportunities to not only access but work safely and efficiently in these environments.

Sylvana Alta provides trained professionals from both rope access and arboricultural to manage and carry out safe and successful work at height.  Whether you want to collect your own data and climb every tree yourself or remain firmly on the ground Sylvana Alta will provide experienced personal, training, information and guidance for any part of your project.

Expedition Planning

Training Courses & Workshops

Professional Climbers

Equipment Inspection

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  • 21st -25th May Aberdeen Cruickshank Botanical Gardens Sylvana Alta is delighted to announce they will be at Aberdeen University Cruickshank Botanic Gardens delivering Tree Climbing Training from Monday 21st to Friday 25th of May. The University and its gardens are a particularly significant and unique......

  • The Big Canopy Campout 2018 Sylvana Alta is celebrating International Day of Forests with the launch of The Big Canopy Campout’s new website. Following the success of last year’s event, TBCC will be coordinating the largest international campout to raise funds for the World Land......