Tree Climbing Projects, Training and Workshops - Sylvana Alta
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Tree climbing is fast becoming a popular outdoor sport and recreational activity for people of all ages however working in such environments is a little more complex although no less enjoyable and similar to any work at height requires the correct training.

Sylvana Alta works with professionals from tree care, arboriculture and rope access to develop safe and innovative solutions to getting people up and working within the high canopy.

For those interested in taking their projects into the canopy Sylvana Alta offers advice and guidance on the necessary skills and training required to access and carry out work in these areas.

Tree Climbing Training & Workshops

Equipment Information & Selection

Project Planning

  • with Puk (Christian) Kruck Thursday 11th & Friday 12th August 2016 LINDORES ABBEY, NEWBURGH FIFE £200pp Introduction to rope theory, splicing, tools and CE certification Splicing 16 strand kernmantel and double braid. No experience necessary, all equipment and unlimited coffee will be ...

  • Join me on Twitter from Monday 8th – 13th May! Delighted to be taking over the Biotweeps twitter account from Monday the 8th of May as their ‘biologist of the week’.  Join me on my curatorial week as I regale tales of tree climbing expeditions whilst......

  • 29th July 2017   Yarner Woods. Dartmoor. Devon. Sylvana Alta and Crest have come together to provide an exciting new one-day tree canopy experience.  The site at Yarner Wood is a conservation area managed by Natural England and is located in Dartmoor National Park. This is......