About Sylvana Alta - A platform for climbing professionals
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Sylvana Alta was founded as a platform for climbing professionals and scientists to develop research projects and climbing practices in forests around the world.

Drawing on expertise from the disciplines of rope access, arboriculture and environmental research, Sylvana Alta aims to develop our current understanding of the forest canopy by providing technical solutions to access these areas and use climbing as a key research skill to contribute to the knowledge and future management of forest environments worldwide.

Collaboration is key and Sylvana Alta works with indigenous communities, research institutes and conservation organisations to bridge the gap between scientific research and working at height, offering opportunities to learn more about some of the most unexplored areas left on the planet.

Vicki Tough

A Zoologist and experienced climber Vicki founded Sylvana Alta to combine both professions and promote scientific exploration in forest canopies worldwide. Vicki has organised, participated and led research expeditions for over 10 years assisting and contributing to scientific studies in South America, Indonesia, Europe and Australia. An IRATA level 3 supervisor and climbing instructor Vicki has over 8 years of industrial rope access experience; working on large scale construction projects throughout the UK.  Working in these contrasting environments has enabled an appreciation and understanding of technical rigging solutions and the importance of team work in often challenging conditions!