Celebrating International Day of Forests - Sylvana Alta
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Celebrating International Day of Forests

Celebrating International Day of Forests

The Big Canopy Campout 2018

Sylvana Alta is celebrating International Day of Forests with the launch of The Big Canopy Campout’s new website.

Following the success of last year’s event, TBCC will be coordinating the largest international campout to raise funds for the World Land Trust to protect critically endangered forests. ¬†Join the growing community of forest enthusiasts in the trees on the 15th of September to watch the sun rise and set around the globe.

Professional climbers are encouraged to set a hammock up in the canopy of their favourite trees whilst others can join in by wild camping in forested areas, near or far from home.

TBCC is aiming to attract 150 campouts and 1000 climbers in the trees on the night of the 15th of September.

For more information and how to register your event please see details of the website: