Deutsche Baumplegetage Climbers Forum 2016 - Sylvana Alta
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Deutsche Baumplegetage Climbers Forum 2016

Deutsche Baumplegetage Climbers Forum 2016

May 2016

Another great event in Augsburg this year; ‘About 50 lectures and practical presentations, a fully booked trade show and 1450 participants from 17 different countries’
Thats a lot of information in three days so its taken a while to process it all!  The Climbers Forum provided some excellent talks and demonstrations from climbing techniques to the cultural importance of tree care in Japan (a personal favourite).

Jeremie Thomas and Enquete d’Arbs did an exciting video presentation of their expeditions in the rainforests of Vietnam and Borneo highlighting the highs and lows of working in these environments, Rene Comin introduced us to his ‘Vertical forest’ project, using rope access to prune more than 700 trees and 5000 shrubs planted on two towers of flats in the centre of Milan. Did you know that if you wear green and yellow high visibility clothing in a forest (in leaf!) that you might as well wear an invisibility cloak??  I didn’t, thank you Paul Verhelst.  Anja Erni did an insightful demonstration on rescue and how awareness of your surroundings and understanding of methods and actions during a rescue situation are all equally as important as the technical ability to perform the rescue.  Hiske Buddingh blew everyones mind with her EXPERIENTIAL physics presentation about how we react to our environments and how the multiple sensory systems in our body allow us to learn and adapt to new ways of moving around our everyday life.  This is a very small and personal snapshot of the event and it has provided a lot of thinking material until next year not to mention it was also a privilege to be able to give a presentation!

A huge thanks to those who made the event happen, by opening up the floor to the very people working with and within tree care and climbing it offers a much broader think tank of ideas and topics allowing for people to present in their personal way and bringing individuality and collaboration to the fore front.  I think this is very refreshing.  I would highly recommend the event to anyone mildly interested in trees and climbing them.

Next Conference dates 25th -27th of April 2017