Introducing 'Twig' the Canopy Explorer - Sylvana Alta
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Introducing ‘Twig’ the Canopy Explorer

Introducing ‘Twig’ the Canopy Explorer

Illustrating the harsh but often hilarious realities of climbing trees and running around rainforests.

‘Canopy Explorer’ sounds very exciting and very professional doesn’t it!

Well, ‘Twig’ represents the real life experiences in tree climbing, tree care, rainforest research and working on ropes.  She has all the enthusiasm but just not that much finesse….

A large part of what makes working in these environments unforgettable is the unpredictability of everything from the wildlife to the weather and the humbling realisation that its out with your control!

For over a decade I’ve regaled tales of chance animal encounters, insect and parasite invasions, equipment malfunctions and falling over A LOT.

My sister Rebecca Tough, now an illustrator has begun to put these stories into cartoon form and highlight the not so serious side to life and learning.  Enjoy!