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Planning a Tree Climbing Expedition

These are a few questions to get an idea of what your project will involve, and what to consider when working at height in trees. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers, often the details of a project develop with the planning stage and this questionnaire offers an opportunity to address the different elements you could encounter.

Contact Details
Project Overview
First can you give us some details to set the scene?
Field station
Tell us more about your field site. What facilities will you there?
Research Methodology
What canopy-based tasks are involved in your fieldwork?
What specific scientific equipment do you need to install in the tree? Please give details of weight, size and fragility where appropriate. Scientific equipment is often not designed to be used at height. How to do this safely and achieve good results will be incorporated into any potential training.


Plan for the worst, prepare for the best… What medical facilities are there at your field station?
First Aid Supplies
Medical Evacuation Transport Options


This helps determine rope length and access methods required.

Tree Areas
Using the diagram below indicate which areas you need to access for collect data. This helps determine what potential skills, techniques and assistance you may need.
Research Team
Which languages other than English would your team require during training (written & spoken)?
Do you have tree climbing or professional rope-based work-at-height experience or qualifications?
Approximately how far is your field site(s) from the field station/base camp? (if you have multiple field sites at different locations select all distances that represent them)

Carrying equipment for long periods is both time and energy consuming. It’s worth thinking of lightweight equipment options when walking long distances.