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Sylvana Alta has the privilege of working closely with scientists, professional climbers and environmental activists whom contribute to a greater understanding of the natural world and the ways we can safely interact with it.
Here you will find resources that offer information on a range of subjects and get to meet the people at the forefront of this work.

Experience the Rainforest

Target Group Ages 8 – 12

Designed to introduce adults and children to the incredible world of the rainforest and explore some of the weird and wonderful plants and animals that live there. Set within a biodiversity hotspot in the Ecuadorian Amazon called Yasuni National Park each episode introduces a new theme or subject aimed to highlight the complexity, fascination and ultimate importance of these environments.

Ask a Canopy Scientist

Behind all the facts, figures and information that we receive about our natural world stands the people who ask the questions. Here we meet some of the scientists who climb trees to find the answers. From collecting soil in the tree tops to coming face to face with monkeys we learn what it means to be a canopy scientist.

Get Involved – If you are a scientist who climbs trees for your research then we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch here