Tree Climbing Course in Oldenburg - Sylvana Alta
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Tree Climbing Course in Oldenburg

Tree Climbing Course in Oldenburg

An Introduction to Tree Climbing Techniques for Canopy Research


The first tree climbing course of 2018 set high standards for the rest of the year.  We had the privilege of using Oldenburg Botanical Gardens, home to an array of exotic tree species, birds, plants and animals.

In addition to the beautiful location, this particular course meant getting to see friends from last year’s research expedition to Panama.  It is incredibly rewarding to get to see the success from previous field season and know that more research is being carried on as a result of good data collection.

Several new researchers from Oldenburg University will be venturing out to the depths of Panama’s jungles to study epiphytes this summer.  Dr Katrin Wagner will return to continue her study with new research assistants.

The team faced challenges with the weather and endured temperatures of -10 on the first day.  Quite unlike what they will encounter in Panama next month! I wish them well and enjoy the climbing in fairer weather!

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