Tree Climbing Projects, Training and Workshops - Sylvana Alta
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Sylvana Alta provides training courses specifically designed for working in trees for science and research.
Using knowledge and experience from the disciplines of arboriculture, rope access, rigging, and rescue, these courses provide a foundation of both theory and practical skills required to successfully work at height within the canopy.
Whether you’ve never climbed a tree with a rope before or you’re a fully-fledged ‘arbornaut’, each course is tailored to your needs and those of your project. From equipment and safety to location and budget planning, Sylvana Alta can assist with these preparations.

Beginner Courses

Level 1 – Getting into the trees
Duration: 4 – 5 Days
Price: Starting at £850/€850, Location & participant dependant
Participants: Minimum 2

Novices do not need to be Tarzan or Jane to climb trees. We have evolved safer, more efficient systems to explore this world at height. These techniques are uniquely adapted to the tree-climbing environment, and although prior climbing knowledge can be helpful, it is important to approach the discipline with curiosity, patience and respect.

The Level 1 Tree Climbing Course was developed to provide the skills, knowledge and understanding for scientists and researchers with little to no previous tree climbing experience to access and work safely in the forest canopy. We focus on time and energy efficient climbing techniques and how to plan and prepare for carrying out research when working at height in forests and often challenging environments.

For further details of the course content, a quote, or any questions please get in touch.

Tree Climbing Course Panama

Continuing Development Courses

Level 2 – Moving around the trees
Duration: 3 – 4 Days
Price: Location & participant dependant
Participants: Minimum 2

The Level 2 Tree Climbing Course advances the skills learnt during Level 1. Introducing new climbing and work positioning techniques to access more of the tree, the course builds confidence and consolidates knowledge.

It is also perfect for candidates with tree-climbing and work-at-height experience wishing to refresh existing skills, further their training, and learn about new equipment, or those needing project specific training. Please get in touch.

Advanced tree climbing course, Marburg University Germany

Bespoke Courses

Costs are based on a day rate basis dependant on location with no minimum participant requirements

Sylvana Alta delivers training courses designed to accommodate the planning, equipment selection, and practical skills required for specific research projects. Fieldwork location, data collection methodology, which parts of the tree need to be climbed, and individual ability and experience will determine the training required.

If you have a specific project involving work at height, please get in touch with your aims and objectives to discuss suitable climbing techniques.

Remote fieldwork and canopy research often go hand in hand in forest biodiversity hotspots located overseas. If you are interested in arranging a course at a fieldwork-specific site please see Expeditions.


If you are interested in or planning a project that involves tree climbing and have questions, please get in touch by filling in the Questionnaire. Sylvana Alta offers guidance and support at each stage of the decision making process covering subjects such as tree climbing training, equipment selection and maintenance, work at height solutions, budgeting and overseas logistics.