Wonderful way to end this years UK tree climbing courses - Sylvana Alta
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Wonderful way to end this years UK tree climbing courses

Wonderful way to end this years UK tree climbing courses

Cruickshank Botanical Gardens, Aberdeen University.

A veteran beech tree, autumn colours & a hammock makes for a great way to end this years Tree Climbing for Research Training Courses in the UK.

The Cruickshank Botanical Gardens has to be one of the most incredible venues for our tree climbing training courses.  The arboretum is a peaceful and tranquil space amidst the hustle and bustle of the Granite City of Aberdeen at the best of times. However, autumn brings it to the front stage and shows off the trees in a spectacular fashion.

Taking advantage of the sunny, dry days our team of four made a fantastic canopy research area with a hammock, solar panel, camera trap and well placed access lines to use the perfectly formed nooks and branch forks for perching in.

As with every course, it is the people who make it and this was no exception.  It is a continual inspiration to meet enthusiastic, creative thinking and open minded candidates who thrive in the new skills learnt and challenge their own personal limits.

It seems fitting to end our scheduled UK courses in the exact venue it will begin again in 2019.  Until April, thank you to all the candidates, staff, volunteers and general public who made this year an incredible one.

Vicki Tough